Newlands Kids Choir

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Newlands Kids Choir is a choir for children aged 6 to 9. We are singing songs from all around the world in different languages. The songs are accompanied by guitar, ukulele or rhythm instruments and the children get the chance to try these instruments. At the end of the school year, we will perform a concert and the children will get a chance to show their singing on stage.



If you want to know more, for enrolments or a free introductory lesson, feel free to contact me.


Newlands Kids Choir, Wednesdays 4pm till 5pm

Community Centre Newlands, Wellington

I’m an experienced primary and music teacher. Over the last ten years I’ve taught as a music teacher in Europe and performed musicals and concerts with primary school children. I’m speaking English, German and French and therefore I love to teach songs in different languages. With my passion for music and singing I try to create a learning environment that invites children to sing and develop their musical skills.


If you are interested to enrol your child, come to a free introductory lesson. Enrolments are possible at anytime. Fees are $100 per school term.